DNA RNA and Cells

19 Apr 2018 Synlogic Doses First Subject in Phase 1/2a Trial of SYNB1618 for Treatment of Phenylketonuria
19 Apr 2018 InteRNA Demonstrates Preclinical Proof-of-Concept for Lead microRNA Candidate INT-1B3 in a Range of Cancer Models at 2018 AACR Annual Meeting
19 Apr 2018 Mesoblast Clinical Program Update for MPC-150-IM in Patients With Chronic Heart Failure
18 Apr 2018 Obsidian Therapeutics Presents Preclinical Data from Regulated Cytokine Programs that Enable CAR-T Therapies with Controllable Functions
18 Apr 2018 Autolus announces presentation of preliminary data showing early signs of clinical activity for a GD2-targeting CAR T cell therapy in a solid tumour setting at the AACR Annual Meeting
17 Apr 2018 Torque Presents Preclinical Data at AACR Demonstrating that Deep-Primed IL-15 and Deep-Primed IL-12 Anchored to T Cells are Superior to Systemically Administered IL-15 and IL-12 for Increasing T Cell Infiltration and Tumor Killing Without Systemic Toxicit
17 Apr 2018 Poseida Announces Initial Phase 1 Data for P-BCMA-101 CAR-T Stem Cell Memory Product in Patients with Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma
17 Apr 2018 Fate Therapeutics Announces Off-the-Shelf CAR T-cell Cancer Immunotherapy to be Featured at 2018 AACR Annual Meeting Press Program
17 Apr 2018 CRISPR Therapeutics Presents Positive Data on Allogeneic CRISPR-based CAR-T Cell Therapies at AACR 2018
17 Apr 2018 Adaptimmune Presents MAGE-A4 and MAGE-A10 pre-clinical data at American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting
16 Apr 2018 RXi Pharmaceuticals Announces Publication in Molecular Therapy on Self-Delivering RNAi (sd-rxRNA®) Targeting PD-1 in Adoptive Cell Therapy for the Treatment of Malignant Melanoma
16 Apr 2018 Endocyte Presents Data from its CAR T Platform at American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2018
15 Apr 2018 Alnylam Presents New Positive Clinical Results for Givosiran, an Investigational RNAi Therapeutic for the Treatment of Acute Hepatic Porphyrias
12 Apr 2018 Pfizer Doses First Patient Using Investigational Mini-Dystrophin Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
12 Apr 2018 Bellicum Announces Clinical Hold Lifted on U.S. Studies of BPX-501
12 Apr 2018 Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Presents ARC-520 Clinical Data at The International Liver Congress™
10 Apr 2018 AGTC Announces Completion of Enrollment of Phase 1 / 2 Clinical Study of Investigational Gene Therapy in Patients with X-linked Retinoschisis (XLRS)
10 Apr 2018 Oncolytics Biotech® Presents Positive REOLYSIN® Data in Combination with Keytruda and anti-CD73 at International Oncolytic Virus Conference 2018
07 Apr 2018 Sorrento and Celularity to Start Anti-CD38 CAR-T Phase 1 Clinical Trial in Patients With Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma (NCT03464916)
05 Apr 2018 Magenta Therapeutics Announces First Patient Transplanted with MGTA-456 in Phase 2 Study in Inherited Metabolic Disorders
05 Apr 2018 Sangamo Announces Publication In Molecular Therapy Of Preclinical Study Data From MPS II In Vivo Genome Editing Program
03 Apr 2018 SpinalCyte Announces MRI Evidence of Disc Regeneration Following Phase 1/Phase 2 Clinical Trial of CybroCell™ Dermal Fibroblasts
03 Apr 2018 GenSight Biologics announces topline results from REVERSE Phase III clinical trial of GS010 in patients with Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON)
03 Apr 2018 Bio-Path Holdings Announces Interim Data from Phase 2 Clinical Trial of Prexigebersen in Combination with Low Dose Cytarabine (LDAC) for the Treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)
02 Apr 2018 Synlogic Doses First Patient in Phase 1b/2a Trial of SYNB1020 for Treatment of Hyperammonemia in Patients with Cirrhosis

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